Coach Stoops looking on during the Fiesta Bowl

~~January 12, 2011~~.  I finally got around to editing the photos from the Fiesta Bowl Trip.  Between our toddler and work we are down to making about one game a year now but I try to make it count.  Our 4 yr. old made his first road trip and OU game and done quite well for his age. There are a couple photos of the Pride in the Fiesta Bowl Parade and a few pre game pics.  Due to the lack of interest in the game and the unusually cool weather there was not a lot of tailgating going on before the game and there were definitely not any scantly clad hot chicks running around because it was 48 degrees before kick off.  I did my best in trying to capture the game day atmosphere with plenty of shots during the game including the band and OU cheerleaders.  Direct link to the Photo Gallery album for the 2011 Fiesta Bowl. Enjoy and hopefully I can catch a few more games in the 2011 season.

~~September 6, 2009~~ I knew it was a bad omen when the ponies shit all over the field in front of the tunnel where the team was about to run out at the start of the game... the rufnecks were reduced to field maids wiping up the shit with rags.... never a good sign when your mascot shits all over the field before the game.  Not much to say about the game. The screen at the Dallas Cowboys stadium is unbelievable and the pictures do not do it justice. The sound system sucked.  The BYU fans were cordial before and after the game. So now I have made road trips in which we have lost back to back games and it is nothing short of sickening.  The ponies shit on the field to start the game off and our bus driver hit a pole and tree leaving the game and then proceeded to get lost and we drove around Dallas for an extra 45 minutes.  The highlight of the night was that I ended up back at the hotel alive.  If you want to see some photos of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium or a Mormon so wide open in the endzone that I thought he had left the stadium for a mission then click on the Photo Gallery link here.

~~September 3, 2009~~ Getting ready for the season to start... looking forward to a trip to Pasadena, CA... but I am getting ahead of myself.  Heading out for the OU v BYU game tomorrow and can't wait to check out the Cowboys new stadium.  Should be fun.... BYU Cougars photos coming soon!

~~January 11, 2009~~ Finally returned from Miami, filtered through thousands of pictures and collected my thoughts about the trip.  In comparison to the USC trip you could say it wasn't half bad.  If we could have just pulled a victory out of the Florida Gators then all would be good.  Nonetheless, I collected some decent pics and hopefully captured the experience for those who did not make it to Miami.  I have shots of the Fan Fest, a few beach shots, a nightscape of Miami, OU cheerleaders and Florida cheerleaders, plenty of hot Gator chics running around, a few game action photos and of course some pics of the Pride of Oklahoma. Those can all be seen in the Photo Gallery here.

All I can say is the Florida fans are definitely savages.  There women drink like sailors.  I have never seen so many chics running around in either pairs or fours carrying 12 packs and pounding the beer  By 7:00 pm I met a couple of Gator ladies that were too drunk to make it to the stadium. There were maybe 1 Sooner fan for every 100 Gator fans tailgating outside the stadium so we were definitely out numbered outside, closer to 3 to 10 inside the stadium.  Before the game there was a lot of in your face and yelling "Gator Bate" and plenty of taunting but afterwards was down right scary.  I was hit with a Gator flag by one fan and another jumped in my face with a megaphone taunting me.  Luckily for my own safety my friend dragged me to our car before I was completely taken down by their fans.  Driving out of the parking lot had its own problems.  I have been to plenty of tailgating all across the country and never have I seen a group of fans desecrate a parking lot like the Florida fans.  We witnessed 3 of them piss right in front of our car like it was there personal bathroom, they threw beer and liquor bottle, charcoal, and any other trash they had on the ground. It was so bad we had to drive over charcoal and glass bottles to get out of the parking lot.  The Gator fans that sat around us were liquored up but friendly probably due to the fact they were outnumbered sitting in the Sooner Section.  Not the best trip but it was a good game and took a little sting out of the USC game. 

It looks like the season will open up at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium on Sept. 5 against BYU which should be an eventful game.  I am already gearing up for this one, looking forward to checking out the new stadium Jerry Jones has put together.

~~January 4, 2009~~ Getting geared up for the game.  We are flying into Tampa to hang out with some friends before we head to Miami.  To keep the OU football gods happy we plan on eating at one of Lee Roy Selmon's restaurants located in the Tampa area then off to Miami.  The plan is to catch the Fan Fest the night before the game and then head to the stadium early for some tailgating.  Hopefully I can get some nice pics of both OU and Florida cheerleaders.  My expectations of hotness from the Florida girls is high.  Of course the goal is to get some good game pics as we will be sitting much closer to the field than the last BCS national championship game where my head was almost taken off by the jet flyover. 

~~December 28, 2008~~ We are headed to Miami with tickets in hand for the BCS National Championship Game against the Florida Gators.  Make no mistake this trip is a trip about redemption.  If you were like me and many other Sooner fans you had a similar story about the last trip to Miami.  Whether it was your car getting jacked in Birmingham, AL or you had a 24 hour lay over in Chicago O'hare , the theme was still the same;  It was a trip straight from Hell!  So many a Sooner fan made that trek at the end of the 2004 season for the National Championship game against USC expecting...almost assuming a victory.  So this trip is about exorcising demons.  This is no longer a vacation but a business trip; no partying at the beaches, no chasing Puerto Rican women, and definitely no nude sun bathing.  No, we will be wearing business suits with our new lucky underwear down for this trip and saving the fun for when we have something to celebrate about.  I will have camera in hand as we try to take in some of the BCS atmosphere, hopefully capturing good tailgating and some all around good game day pics.  Hopefully when you check back for photos from the trip all demons will be exorcised, we will have partied at the beach, chased Puerto Rican women, and done some sunbathing and will have pics to back it up.  See you in Miami!

~~September 28, 2008~~ Posted some game day pics from the TCU game, which includes a photo of my son with a couple OU Pom Pom girls. Unfortunately he wasn't too happy when mom just handed him off to a couple strangers.... he needs to work on that. There are also some pics of Pride of Oklahoma with some closups of the drum line performing outside the student union before the game. Not a lot of great pics but enough to capture the typical game day atmosphere at a Sooner home game. Game Day photos of the 2008 TCU horned frogs at OU are in the Photo Gallery.

~~August 7, 2008~~ It has been a long hiatus from posting on the website.  I have finally finished grad school which seemed to take forever.  Between the kid and working on my practicum it seems like I haven't had time for anything else.  I am only about 10 months late but I posted photos from last years Texas game. I will be attending less OU games than I have in the past but I plan on going to at least one away game each year and taking as many pics as possible.

Jim Fletcher's new book, The Die-Hard Fan's Guide to Sooner Football, has just come out this month and as you try to pass the time until Chattanooga comes to town this will help.  I am one of those that buys every book that comes out about the Sooners but this book has a little bit of everything.  It is written by an OU fan himself and includes some really touching stories. If you get a chance pick up a copy at your local bookstore. Hope to have some photos from Miami.

~~December 10, 2006~~  Well I finally got photos of our son up.  Thanks goes out to our good friend Dixie for standing in the delivery rooms and taking photos, which says a lot for someone who has never delivered a baby to stand in and witness childbirth.  It has been a long year for us and kind of mirrored the Sooner's season, starting off really rough but in the end turning out to be a great year.  I can't say enough about how great Dr. Ryan and our nurse Anita was throughout the delivery.  All I can say is they are awesome.  Click Here to see the photos.  I am off to convince my wife we need to our son to the Fiesta Bowl.

~~November 12, 2006~~  Our pregame tailgate involved breast feeding class at St. Anthony's.  Thankfully the person teaching the class has season tickets and class was cut short.  I took the fewest pics I have ever taken at a game.  Marissa is just a tad over 8 months now.  Her feet having been hurting her and she was not liking the cold so I sat with her in the club and we watched the game behind the glass.  It was probably a good thing since I have vowed to go commando on all game days until next season.  Read below if you need an explanation on that.  We still had a good time. I got a nice stadium shot at night. Since I took so few pics I played around with a photo with some different Photoshop filters.  I know many of you will be disappointed because there are no cheerleader photos or pics of hot chics running around, unless you want to count my 8 month pregnant wife in that category but none the less they are in the Photo Gallery.

~~October 20th 2006~~  Well I just wanted you to know that I threw out my sacred lucky poker underwear that have been worn during every single game OU has played since Bob Stoops arrived. They were on during Red October run, they have been to Dallas, College Station, Lincoln, Stillwater, Boulder, they even made that hell trip to Miami in 2005 where my brothers car blew up and we left it in Birmingham, AL only to be completely stripped on the way to the game (my underwear screamed from the suitcase that it was a sign but I didn't listen). EVERY OU game since 1999 they have been on me. However, they ripped during the Oregon game. For the past three games I carefully hand washed them to ensure that they would stay intact. I wore them to the Middle Tennessee game even though my nut sack was hanging out.

I thought about retiring them, locking them in the safe and bringing them out when my son was old enough to hear OU stories… you know let him hold them while I reminisced about the good old days those undies had post John Blake. I thought about having grandma sew them up, knowing that they would last another 6 years if she laid her hands on them. Then I thought about the fact that this has been the season of hell, Bomar being a screw up, the mishap at Oregon, Peterson season ending injury, the fact that I could probably start on the defensive line if I was in shape, and now finally Reggie Smith has a hairline fracture on his foot and is doubtful for the next game. I finally realized that they had seen enough, there was no more luck in them, so I just wadded the sacred underwear up and threw them in the trash.

I will not wear another pair of underwear for game days the rest of the season. I will be commando for game day until next year, when I will then carefully select another pair to be my sacred game day underwear. It will be hard shoes to fill, these were extremely cool, with "feeling lucky" inscribed on the waistband and they had a special flap in the front for easy access…. But I digress. I don’t know what exactly this means for myself or the state of Sooner Football but I thought I would share….



PS:  We are going to the Texas Tech game, I will have my camera in hand and I will be commando!

~~September 25, 2006~~  Posted a few game day photos for the Middle Tennessee St. game.  I took only my old Olympus compact to the game and it does not do well in low light so I didn't snap very many shots.  We had a good time at the game and Marissa was able to get around pretty good for being 7 months pregnant.  Hopefully everyone enjoys the few pics I did get and as always they are posted in the Photo GalleryWe are hoping to make the Texas Tech game this year and Marissa is debating whether or not she feels like making Texas...

~~September 21, 2006~~  I talked the wife into going to the game this weekend.  I told her we needed to get the baby to a game, the baby isn't due until December but I told her we needed to start early and she agreed.  Hopefully she feels ok to make the entire game.  We are sitting on Row 1 in the North Endzone so I hope to have some decent photos of OU v Middle Tennessee St. to put up. 

~~September 8, 2006~~  Well the season has started and I decided to update everyone.  Marissa wasn't sure how she would feel like going to the games this year and after everything she has been through I didn't think it was right to leave her sitting at home so we decided to sell our season tickets for this year.  I am hoping she feels like making a couple games this year.  Right now the plan is to go the Texas Tech game and at least one more so feel free to check because I have no idea what games I will have pics of this year.  I should be back in full throttle next season.  In the mean time I plan on trying to post a few highlight videos for each game throughout the season.  You can check those out on my YouTube Profile here.  Right now I have Joe Jon's big hit to break Peterson free for a touchdown.

June 27, 2006~~  I thought I would do a little updating since the season grows near.  It has been a crazy and life altering time since the Holiday Bowl.   A few days before that game my wife was involved in a terrible accident.  A pic of her car is above.  We watched the Holiday Bowl in the hospital and six months later, with a steel plate and screws in her arm, memory loss, loss of movement in her hand, and a little fear of driving she is on the road to recovery.  Did I mention that she got pregnant during that time?  Yeah, like I side, life altering.  So we now have our first child on its way.  How things can change in just a blink of an eye. 

Hopefully we will be able to make all the games this year.  The heat may be too much for her to handle in early September but we shall see.  I will try to take as many pics for the games we do make.


December 23rd ~~  Well, my wife and I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all the Sooner fans out there.  I also wish everyone a safe trip to the Holiday Bowl.  We won't be making the trip to San Diego, I think my brother and I are still scarred from the Orange Bowl trip last year (Scroll down to Jan. 6th to read about that).  Anyway it is wrapping up another year of capturing Sooner moments for me.  I have enjoyed my new Canon XT and I hope to continue to be able to use it at games.  It seems that the "powers that be" at the University of Oklahoma are getting stricter each year about allowing cameras into sporting events.  I know we are one of the strictest in the Big 12, if not the country.  I will try to add some photos I take during the "off season" in the photo gallery.  I would really like to take some time and enhance my photography skills this coming year, which should be easy since I currently have very little camera skills.  Anyway it has been a fun year despite what many consider a disappointing record for our Sooners and I look forward to capturing the 2006 season. 

December 1st ~~  I started an photo album for the Pride of Oklahoma from 2005.  I enabled uploads in this album so if anyone has any pics of the OU band from this past season that they would like to share please do.  You are limited on file size to 1MB but I would prefer you keep it under 500 kb. Thanks for sharing.  Click Here to go to the album

November 26th ~~  As I watched Dusty play his final home game, I came to realize he will go down as one of my all time favorite Sooners.  He plays with such heart and is a great warrior.  I am going to miss watching him play on Saturdays.  I have the standard array of pictures this week.  I have a ton of pics of the OSU cheerleaders, a few OU cheerleaders, plenty of action shots, some great shots of the OU Pride drumline a picture of what may be the oldest generator ever made, and pic from my seat as the sun set looking through the southwest corner of the stadium.  A great sample of the day for those who could not make it to Norman.  Photo Gallery

November 12 ~~  Plenty of photos to look at from this game.  I had over 600 photos to filter through and settled on 64.  It started at Bricktown on Friday night to take a few pics of the Aggies Midnight Yell.  I was able to capture a few pics of the flyover and some of the pilots as well.  One of my favorite pics is with the Ruf Neks and the Aggie cheerleaders posing for a photo while making the upside down horns sign. There are tons of action shots however I did not have my larger zoom lens so not too many zoomed in shots.  All pics are in the Photo Gallery.

I am not making the road trip to Texas Tech so the next Game Day Photos will be from the OSU game.

October 29 ~~  Well the wife and I made our first trip to Lincoln, Nebraska and we had a fun time and not just because the Sooners won the game.  We flew in on game day and flew back that evening via the charter trip with University VIP tours and OUInsider.Com.  They were top notch as far as I am concerned and I highly recommend VIP tours based on my experience with them. If you get the chance to take a same day jet trip to an OU game then you should jump on it. It was really nice getting home in time to watch the night games and ESPN highlights sitting in your recliner instead of a hotel.   I know when the opportunity arises we will use the VIP tours and OUInsider to make some road trips again.

For the game we sat behind the OU band  which is really great anytime but especially on a road game.  Nebraska fans held their reputation as being some of the nicest fans in college football.  We had only been on campus 10 minutes before we were offered a beer and to tailgate with some locals.  Many fans welcomed us before the game and congratulated us after.  I will definitely be going back to Lincoln sometime. 

As for photos.  I tried to get a sample of everything.  However I took very few photos outside the stadium.  We were eager to get to our seats.  There are pics of the OU band, Nebraska band, some nut dressed up like the Burger King character, a few game action shots, some stadium shots and plenty of photos of the OU cheerleaders.  All of the OU cheerleader pics were courtesy of my wife, so hats off to her.  All photos are in the Photo Gallery'

I also added a link to a few video clips that I have done and placed them on Click here to see the video clips.

October 22 ~~  Well for the first time ever at a football game I was not allowed to bring in my SLR camera.  I am not sure if they are going to stick with this policy or not but it will be completely ridiculous if they do.    With it being a night game there was very little game action photos that could be taken without a good SLR and fast lens.  However my wife had brought the compact camera and went off before the game to take pictures of the Homecoming Parade.  So all photos in the Baylor Gallery are courtesy of my wife. 

We are headed to the Nebraska game this week so hopefully I will have some nice photos from there.

October 1 ~~  You couldn't have asked for better weather for a football game, cool weather with a decent breeze and a night game.   With it being a night game I had a chance to really test out the camera in low light.  I still need to work on my photography skills but the camera holds up its end of the deal.  There are many shots my old Olympus just could not pull off in low light, however, the new digital SLR can do some nice stuff for a hand held shot in low light. 

If you haven't taken the time to hang out in front of the student union before a game and listen the the drummers from the band warm up then you are missing out. I usually try to catch this at least a couple times during the season.  They usually start to warm up about 3 hours before kick off  and put on a great show.  I took a couple pics but you should stop by and see for yourself sometime.  There are some nice crowd shots and a few action shots that are worth sharing. As usual all photos are in the Photo Gallery.  Enjoy.

September 12 ~~  Well I sure many of you will be disappointed this week because I didn't top everyone's favorite photo from last week.  I am not sure that photo can be topped.  Anyway I got some decent game action photos and a few others for everyone to enjoy. Also I don't mind people hotlinking from my Photo Gallery. or reposting photos as long as you keep it on OUInsiders.Com and you are following their board policies. 

Also be sure to check out PowderKegBlue.Com for UCLA Game Day Photos.  I know many of you will going to the UCLA game and there are some nice game day photos.

September 3 ~~ I really thought things couldn't get worse for the weekend after being puked on at the TU/Minnesota game but it happened Saturday as I witnessed the debacle of the Sooners.  I must say I  feel fortunate that I didn't puke all over myself as I watched the game.  Nonetheless I forged on with pictures and did happen to snag a few decent shots.  They are later along in the Album but worth looking for.  You can check them out in the Photo Gallery.

September 1 ~~   Well a small group of us kicked off the 2005 season by attending the TU Minnesota game.  We tailgated in a parking lot filled with Minnesota fans (many were football player's families) who made the 11 hour drive to Tulsa.  It was a pretty good time up until midway through the 1st quarter when a kid sitting behind us vomitted on  two people in our group.  He did this for about 3 minutes straight and afterwards he seemed to think it was pretty funny. There were about twenty kids behind us that had zero supervision and after the puking incident the night was pretty much ruined.   I was able to grab a few photos of our adventure minus the pile of vomit sitting behind us.  The pics are in the Photo Gallery   under the Cookouts, Parties, Etc. Category. All I know is I am ready for some Sooner Football and will be on campus bright and early Saturday. 

August 5th ~~ I decided to check out the Meet the Sooners Day, also known as Fan Appreciation Day.  It seemed far more organized than the past couple years. I took a few photos from above and dared not venture into the madness.  I am still adjusting to my new camera and with the overcast day I didn't come away with any shots I was really happy with. Anyway the photos are in the Photo Gallery  underneath the 2005 Off season category.

May 17th ~~ Well I decided to test the new camera out at a baseball game today.  I enjoyed it although I could have picked a better seat for pics.  The safety net really did not allow me to take great photos but I was able to play around with the camera a little.  I usually don't enjoy shooting baseball pics but with the new camera I had a good time today. Anyway for those interested they are in the Photo Gallery under the 2005 Off Season category.  I will be posting anything OU related that I happen to take this summer while waiting for the 2005 football season to begin.

May 15th ~~  It has been almost 5 months since I have even thought about my website... hence this will be first website update since the debacle of the Orange Bowl.  I think I have recovered from that trip so I am ready to move on to a new season and have already bought airline tickets to Nebraska and I have since purchased a new camera and will be testing it out this summer.  Hopefully it will serve me as well as my Olympus C750 has.  The new Canon that I bought has far more capabilities but a more difficult learning curve.  I am hoping to have it mastered by the time football season rolls around.  My brother just put on a pig roast and I took some of my first pics with it.  The roasting of the hog went fairly well and we are thinking about doing one for the OSU game this year.  Anyway I may be posting some photos I take this summer while testing out my camera.  If there is any photo request you may have just send me an email at and I will see what I can do.  If you would like to check out photos from the pig roast then you can go to the Photo Gallery.  The pig roast is located under the Cookouts, Parties, Etc category.

2004 season updates and comments

January 6th ~~ Well I don't even know where to begin.  As I type this I sit here in a hotel in Birmingham, AL figuring I am pretty much as close to hell as possible.  We had planned an exciting cross country adventure that would involve nude beaches, hot Puerto Rican women, some gambling stops along the way and a 8th National Championship for the Sooners....we shot out of the state Oklahoma on New Years Day with high expectations but things took a turn for the worse when in Birmingham the car's engine blew on us....we popped the hood to find that the oil cap was left off by the company that changed the oil the day before and all the oil had shot out of the engine in the first 600 miles.  We coasted the car off the Interstate and into a not so savory neighborhood.   We managed to hitch a ride to a rental car agency and got some more transportation and headed back to the broken down vehicle to unload all of the tailgating necessities we decided to hall across the country with us, which has turned out to be a royal pain in the ass.  By the time we made it to Miami I had developed bronchitis and was just praying I would live.  Giving up on Puerto Rican women, nude beaches, and gambling we still had faith in a 8th National Championship....of course we all know the outcome of that.   Tomorrow we will meet the claims adjustor for the company that caused the car to blow in the not so savory neighborhood where the wheels have since been taken off the car that no longer runs.  I am sure he will bend us over on the value of the car, but we feel lucky they are going to settle with us.  Due to prior engagements on this trip that we intend to honor we still have 2 more stops at rental agencies and 2 more times to unload and reload all the tailgating gear before getting back to Oklahoma.    I managed to snap  a few pics for those who are not trying to purge these past few days from their memories.  Anyway, the Orange Bowl photos are in the Photo Gallery.  


December 28th ~~  Well we are packing for the Orange Bowl.  My brother and I are taking a crazy rode trip to Miami that will involve as many Casino and Poker stops as possible. H

November 15th ~~ Photos from the Nebraska game are up in the Photo Gallery.  There are just a few photos for this game and they are not the greatest.  My camera does not function well in low light situations.  My favorite pic is probably the east side photo since this was the first time I have sat on the west side since the east upper deck was completed.  My 2nd favorite pic is Bradley beating the 2 Nebraska defenders even though it isn't the sharpest pic in the world.  I haven't made up my mind on the Baylor game yet.  The 11:00am kick off has thrown me for a loop....I guess I will make up my mind on Friday.  

~~November 8th ~~ I have read several articles and heard many accounts of Midnight Yell but no one has ever mentioned the bats!!!  How someone can leave out such an important detail I am not sure....but all I know is if you sit under the over hang you will see and hear the bats since that is where they make their home and in the middle of the night (whether there are 20k in the stands or not) the bats come out to eat.  Anyway I digress, pics are up in the Photo Gallery along with a couple .MOV clips.  One of Midnight Yell and one at the start of the 4th quarter.  Keep in mind these are made with my still camera and are of poor quality.  There are not many game pics mainly because I was concentrating on not passing out from the high altitude from where our seats were located.  It was a great game to witness none the less and some good photos for the memories. 

~~October 31st ~~ This game not only was a classic but I also got quite a wide range of photos.  A sample of photos in this gallery... a Sooner in the full bunny suit from the Christmas Story, hot cowgirls, not so hot cowgirls, Barry Sanders, Berry Tramel giving me a post game interview, a close up of female Fox Sports analyst notes where she calls Clayton's miscue "a bonehead play", and of course tons of actions photos. We sat in the southeast corner Row 1 and 2/3 of the touchdowns were scored coming right at us.  I would have liked to have seen a blow out but it was still a good time.  Check out the Photo Gallery and remember if you click on the medium sized photo it will bring up an enlarged photo which is around 300kb.  If someone wants the original of a particular pic just email me with want you want and I will email it back to you (file size is close to 1 MB)  The originals make excellent 8x10 prints which you can take the file to WalMart and have a print made for a couple bucks. I have also added a wallpaper page. I played around with a few pics from the OSU game and made some.  There are 2 sizes 800x600 or 1024x768.  If you would like to share a wallpaper email me and I will post it.

 Next up, a real road trip to College Station.

~~October 25th ~~ I missed the Kansas St. game and unless some accident happens it should be the only game I miss.  Kansas photos are now posted in the Photo Gallery.  There are some nice action photos, not too many "hottie" photos, so I apologize for that but I variety of pics none the less.  There are a couple nice shots of Coach Mangino roaming the sideline looking for a chicken wing or two.  Next weekend I am off to Stoolwater to hopefully vanquish some bad memories from 2 years ago as friends and I witnessed the sheep lovers tearing down their goalpost. 

~~October 13th ~~ Texas photos are posted in the Photo Gallery.  The last file in the album is a video clip of Peterson when he runs over # 7 (Huff) of Texas.  I think they have showed it several times on ESPN.  There are photos of the buses rolling up and photos around the fair after the game.  And of course a little bit of eye candy as well.  Also one of the last pics in the photo album is of Jonathan Jackson and Tommie Harris walking off the field together.

~~October 4th ~~ Texas Tech pics are posted in the Photo Gallery.  We took my Dad to this game and we sat in the east side club seats.  There are a few pics from inside the Kerr-McGee Club Lounge for those interested.   There are some decent photos.  Photo P1010084.JPG has the flag being thrown in mid air on the holding call of Peterson's TD run being called back Peterson is running  towards the ref and the flag is in mid air.  It almost makes me sick but a good photo none the less. 

~~September 19th ~~Oregon pics are posted in the Photo Gallery.  I sat in a different location for this game and lets just say it gave me a few more photo opportunities. You definitely want to make it to Page 2 and 3 of the Oregon Gallery.  After sitting in a couple different locations the past couple weeks I am back to my regular seats for Texas Tech. Remember when you there are 3 sizes to every photo.  There is the thumbnail, the intermediate (which is the size on this page), and if you click on the intermediate it will bring up an enlarged size....which I highly recommend.

~~September 12th ~~Added Houston Game Day Photos to the Photo Gallery.  I forgot to charge my batteries before the game, so I was not able to take as many photos as possible.  I also sat in the lower section instead of the upper deck this game and really was not able to get many photo opportunities during the game.  Hopefully the Oregon game will work out better. 

~~September 4th ~~ Bowling Green Game Day Photos added to the Photo Gallery.

~~September 3rd ~~ I reset the views in the photo gallery.  I am pretty sure we wore out the UCLA cheerleader with almost 4,000 views over the past year.  The photo is still in the gallery but you will have to look it up if you want to see it.  Hopefully I will get some new and exciting cheerleading pics this year along with other game day photos. I hoped to upgrade to a newer camera this year but when my wife's laptop "fried" my new camera got put on hold for now.  So I am still using the Olympus Ultra Zoom C750 digital camera.  Hopefully I will have game pics up by Saturday evening.  

~~September 1st ~~  Clearing things out and getting ready for a new season. 

This site is a OU Fan Website created by SoonerFever.  The goal is to provide pictures from Game Days of Sooner Football. Once the season begins I will  have pics posted in the photo gallery so sooner fans all over the world can enjoy.  Not every sooner fan gets to enjoy the game day experience so hopefully this site will capture the moment of various Oklahoma Sooners athletic events.



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